TraceSecurity Company Overview


About TraceSecurity

TraceSecurity, a leading pioneer in cloud-based security solutions, provides IT governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management solutions. The company's cloud-based services help organizations achieve, maintain and demonstrate security compliance while significantly improving their security posture. With more than 2,000 customers, TraceSecurity supports the security and risk management efforts of organizations in financial services, healthcare, high-tech, insurance, government, education and other regulated sectors. Founded in 2004, the company has executive offices in Silicon Valley and offices in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.   

Through a combination of software and information security services, TraceSecurity helps clients address all critical components of a successful risk-based information security program – including people, processes and technology. TraceSecurity's flagship solution, TraceCSO, is the first and only cloud-based software solution that makes IT GRC a complete and affordable business application for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) of any industry or security skill set. In addition, TraceSecurity offers information security services that include, but are not limited to, social engineering, penetration testing, risk assessments, information security audits, security awareness training and vulnerability assessments.

Focused Attention from the Most Seasoned Professionals in the Industry

TraceSecurity is much more than a vendor; we are your strategic partner, and will work closely with you to ensure our solutions meet your organization's needs. Our security experts work tirelessly to create new ways to improve and simplify information security and compliance – so that you are equipped to meet each new market need. From relationship management and technical support to our broad range of professional services, your TraceSecurity solution will always be backed by the finest talent in the industry. This critical human component, above all, sets us apart and distinguishes us as a true strategic provider and trusted advisor.

  • Customer Support – Staffed by expert security analysts to provide you with the help you need when you need it.
  • Implementation Services – Carefully planned and executed system implementation based on best practices for executive overview sessions, software utilization overview, coordination with third-party vendors, and more.
  • Information Security Services – Services available are broad and range from social engineering, penetration testing and risk assessments to information security audits, security awareness training and vulnerability assessments.

TraceSecurity is Shaping the Future – With You, and For You

With our strength in risk management, information security and compliance, TraceSecurity continuously refines how people, processes and technology work together – to deliver innovation solutions to the market. Our bold, forward-looking approach is designed for your future and ours. With the sweeping scope of our vision and depth of our commitment to you, we can help you with your risk-based information security and compliance success.

Our mission is to be much more than a vendor

Commitment to customer service and satisfaction is stock claim of most technology companies. But at TraceSecurity, this commitment is firmly embedded as a core corporate policy and is fully embraced and practiced at every level of our organization. For customers like you, it is about building a true relationship. The value of this long-held business philosophy is reflected in our consistently high customer satisfaction and retention rates, as well as the strong growth we share with our customers.

Our vision and innovation will keep you a step ahead

We'll also be there with exciting new solutions that are yet to be defined. With a focus on innovation, we keep a keen eye on the horizon, where new technologies will intersect with new market opportunities. We continuously and boldly invest in the future – with aggressive product development and new strategic relationships. You will not be caught off-guard by future developments, because we are shaping the future with you in mind.