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Mapping Information Security Risk to Compliance

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Examiners and regulatory auditors are checking to see whether cyber security threats are properly managed. Recent guidance from federal regulators makes it clear that even the smallest organizations are significant targets for fraudulent activity.

In this webinar, Josh Stone, TraceSecurity Director of Product Management and information security expert, will present a tactical outline that ensures your IT security risk management activities are properly aligned with federal guidelines and significant risk scenarios are not missed. You will:

  • Gain insight into the role that even small or medium-sized businesses play in the national infrastructure, and why the federal government is emphasizing this aspect of information security
  • Learn how to ensure that strategic risk management practices are properly connected to the ground-level implementation of IT systems
  • Become aware of specific threat vectors that are important to consider in the current environment

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Attack and Defense: 5 Timeless Techniques for Protection - Watch On-Demand Now

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During this educational webinar, you will see five timeless, simple attacks that work far more often than one might think. You will be prepared with details about these attacks, learn how they work and even be armed to test them yourself! But more, you will receive specific and detailed technical advice that arms your organization against these simple attacks and increases the security of your internal network.

Join Josh Stone, TraceSecurity Director of Product Management and information security expert, to learn how you can get the best value from your penetration tests.

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Automate and Simplify Regulatory Change Management - Watch On-Demand Now

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The rapid pace of regulatory change, coupled with intensified agency oversight across the globe is forcing organizations to reevaluate their regulatory change management programs. Organizations must be able to ensure they are up-to-date and understand how changes to regulations affect their policies and procedures that have been developed to ensure compliance.

Join Craig Isaacs, CEO of Unified Compliance and Josh Stone, Director of Product Management of TraceSecurity for an educational and informative webinar to learn how to implement a continuous, proactive and systematic program that will allow you to understand, manage and communicate compliance risk from an enterprise perspective in a cohesive and consistent manner.

Learn how Unified Compliance and TraceSecurity have teamed-up to:

  • Simplify, centralize and automate regulatory change and compliance efforts with the only industry-vetted compliance database
  • Identify and eliminate the overlap between compliance requirements from multiple regulations
  • Deliver a single point of control over hundreds of complex regulations, requirements and guidelines
  • Reduce risk and increase transparency
  • Maintain compliance over time through regular, automated updates

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Four Steps to Create Intelligent Information Security Policies - Watch On-Demand Now

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Keeping up with information security threats means turning security intelligence into policy rules. 

Organizations often implement policies based on compliance requirements that are written to address a broad spectrum of organizations, some of which may not apply to them specifically and leads to confusion. Over time, even good policies become out-of-date and do not address actual risk. 

Learn how your organization can establish security policies that ensure ongoing compliance and incorporate the appropriate level of security.

Hear Josh Stone, Director of Product Management, explore four steps organizations should take to infuse intelligence into their security policies and ultimately their network infrastructure.

  1. The importance of taking an inventory of assets and completing a risk assessment that establishes a baseline and prioritizes which areas policies must meet
  2. How an organization should set up its security goals with policies in mind
  3. Continuous policy monitoring that ensures alignment with current information security goals, despite the ever-changing network
  4. Benefits of effective intelligent security policies your organization can expect to realize

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A Roadmap to SANS 20 Critical Security Controls - Watch On-Demand Now

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The security industry is replete with competing standards, many of which are large, complicated, or out of touch with the "real world." TraceSecurity has observed an increasing focus on a newer, very practical, and much simpler standard, the SANS 20 Critical Security Controls. This past March, the SANS Institute issued an 88-page report, “Critical Controls to Effective Cyber Defense – Version 4.1,” to identify 20 critical security controls that relate to actual attacks and effective defenses that are proven in the "real world."

In this webinar, Josh Stone, Director of Product Management at TraceSecurity, explores the structure of the critical controls document and share how he sees organizations applying the controls today. While there is no such thing as absolute protection, you will learn how the proper action plan for implementation of these controls will ensure your organization is protected against today’s most significant attacks. 

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