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Target Security Breach is a 'Game Changer' - Says TraceSecurity Expert

Baton Rouge, LA - December 19, 2013

Cyber security veteran Jim Stickley of TraceSecurity is alerting the credit card industry and consumers of the unique nature of Target stores’ recent credit card security breach.  According to Stickley, because the criminals in this case have managed to capture the credit card track information, they could have access to more than just the credit card number.

“This changes everything,” Stickley says.  “This breach gives criminals not only the credit card number, holder name and expiration date, but in some cases they could also have access to the pin and card code. With this data, they can basically make their own credit cards, exactly as the owner has them … and then go shopping.  What’s worse is if they do gain access to the card code, they can remain completely anonymous by shopping online.”

Stickley is a 20 year veteran of the security industry who has been hired by retail organizations, credit card companies and media firms to demonstrate the ease of credit card and identity theft. He is currently CTO and Vice President of Strategy & Solutions for TraceSecurity.  To speak with Mr. Stickley directly, please contact Ashley Swanson at TraceSecurity, at: 407 529 5274 or

Here’s an example of Mr. Stickley’s expertise demonstrating the risks of card skimming and how criminals could use this track information to create their own credit cards.