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TraceCSO - Simplified Information Security and Compliance Management

As technology and the information age propels organizations forward at a faster and faster pace, it becomes even more imperative that they protect their confidential information, such as customer and internal confidential data, from the ever-increasing threats of being hacked. TraceCSO was developed to provide organizations the visibility into and accountability for their risk and compliance profile – making it simple to manage a secure environment that protects confidential information and meets regulatory requirements. The cornerstone to manage an organization’s risk is to perform an information security risk assessment. TraceCSO helps you accomplish this through a comprehensive risk assessment that enables your organization to best understand the threats that are specific to your data. Once those threats, and their associated risk, have been identified, your organization can determine how to best mitigate them through the implementation of controls. A control is anything in place to help mitigate risk and can be policy, process, technical or training in nature. Most organizations already have some controls implemented, but many more that are not. TraceCSO completes most of the work for you by pre-mapping common threats to standard controls – providing a baseline to customize to your organization’s environment. Once controls are identified and assessed, a mitigation plan is generated that provides your organization all the data points necessary to determine which remaining controls should be implemented. Typically, decisions to implement controls depend on their effectiveness and cost. TraceCSO helps make decisions easier by identifying ineffective or unnecessary controls and recommending more effective replacements – ultimately leading the organization to make better risk-based decisions and optimize its information security budget. Information gathered during the risk assessment populates all of the functional areas of TraceCSO and provides the infrastructure to manage implementation control through an integrated ticketing system. TraceCSO includes and integrates controls for training, policy, process, vulnerability and vendor management and doesn’t require any additional third-party software to do so. TraceCSO also provides guidance when implementing controls that are specific to your organization’s needs and are not already prebuilt and available within TraceCSO. Leveraging a database of hundreds of authorities and tens of thousands of global citations and regulations, TraceCSO makes your information risk and compliance profile more visible, more accessible, more manageable and more valuable than ever – so you can automate and ensure compliance in a rapidly changing market landscape. As organizations continue to manage their on-going information security program, results are communicated across your organization and throughout the system to allow an automated and seamless audit or compliance review process. Through the application of built-in best practices, TraceCSO places priority on your organization’s information security and leads your organization down a path of compliance by default. With TraceCSO as your Cloud Security Officer and TraceSecurity as your trusted partner, the power over information security and compliance is yours.

TraceSecurity at RSA 2014: A Simplified Approach to IT GRC

At the RSA Conference 2014, Josh Stone explains how TraceCSO is a simplified approach to an information security program. He emphasizes the quick implementation time and discusses what sets TraceCSO apart from its competitors. He also highlights the value of having an on-going, effective risk-based strategy like TraceCSO.

Efficient Risk, Audit and Compliance Management I TraceSecurity

TraceSecurity believes current audit and compliance management challenges will be eliminated when organizations place priority on protecting their proprietary and customer information. This is why TraceSecurity focuses on strategic information security risk management that leads to a streamlined audit process and compliance by default. Once an organization has completed a risk assessment they can map identified controls to their specific compliance requirements and authority documents. Along with the proper policies and processes, audit and compliance management becomes streamlined -- eliminating manual and redundant tasks, providing the necessary visibility and accountability and brings compliance awareness to the forefront. Using a cloud-based software solution, like TraceCSO -- TraceSecurity's flagship product, all of your IT GRC functions can be centrally managed and assignments are dispersed across the organization for appropriate department participation. As assignments are completed, automatic and real-time updates result in simplified audit and compliance management and reporting. Lack of resources and information security expertise are no longer a hindrance. TraceSecurity is leading the market and transforming IT GRC into a mainstream business application for organizations of all sizes and industries. For more information on how TraceSecurity can help you automate and simplify your audit and compliance management, visit today.

NIST 800-30 Risk Assessment Framework

Using the NIST 800-30 assessment framework to address your organization's information security risk management will separate assets into distinct and integrated tiers that help to streamline the risk assessment process and to reduce the organization's inventory of threats and controls. While the National Institute of Standards and Technology, or NIST, provides guidance for categorizing assets, determining impact levels and security control baselines, we encourage you to adapt their ideas to your own environment and use them consistently for future comparisons. Striking a balance between a comprehensive approach and one that is succinct enough to produce meaningful results can be a challenge. The NIST framework suggests starting at the highest possible level and moving progressively, over time, to a more detailed view. Their multi-tiered approach, where risk is viewed from three distinct levels: the organization level, the business process level and the information system level, enables you to present risk at differing levels of granularity. Performing your risk assessment in layers, from the top down, provides incremental progress towards a more effective strategy. Once your organization places the furthest-reaching and most important controls in place, your organization should then move to the next level and get more granular in its risk analysis. Information system risk assessments are crucial for every company, especially in this technologically-driven society. By using the NIST 800 risk assessment framework, companies can get a better grasp on how to keep their information as secure as possible. For more information on risk assessments, visit today.

Preparing Your Data For the Cloud

As organizations continue to place more critical data in the cloud, they must vet their vendors and engage in due diligence to avoid security nightmares. Risks can be extreme when the wrong vendor supports an organization's cloud security efforts. TraceSecurity is a pioneer in cloud solutions and has recently introduced TraceCSO, an end-to-end risk management solution that helps companies prepare themselves for their migration to the cloud. TraceCSO formally documents risk associated with cloud storage, measures your current mitigation efforts, and recommends additional controls to reduce risk as needed. It also let s you manage your vendor due diligence efforts more efficiently and completely, so that you can be confident your data is secure in the cloud. And, the best part about TraceCSO is that it's a comprehensive risk-based information security program, so adding the cloud security component fits into your overall security approach seamlessly. So, before you start sharing all kinds of potentially sensitive information in the cloud, make sure you have the proper protections and security in place to keep your information out of the eyes of someone who shouldn't see it. To learn more about cloud information sharing and security, visit

Information Security and Risk Management within the Cloud

Information security risk management is important for every business that must protect confidential data or meet IT security mandates, but many times, organizations become overwhelmed by the complex and costly demands of current market solutions. So, rather than trying to take a complex, solution designed for an enterprise-sized organization and fit it to your company, why not implement a solution that's built with your needs in mind and delivered efficiently through the cloud? Let TraceSecurity worry about designing, implementing, and monitoring the technology and infrastructure that supports and delivers your complete information security program. With TraceCSO in the cloud, you'll be able to get up and running quickly -- without any capital investment. And, you can be confident that your organization is prepared to deal with new technology and its threats. With a global database of hundreds of authorities and over 25,000 citations and regulations, you can be sure that your organization will always stay up-to-date with the latest regulatory mandates in your industry. TraceCSO is the first and only end-to-end solution that is delivered via the cloud, and is built for companies of any industry, or security skill set. Whether you're a smaller startup, or a medium-sized enterprise trying to get a better handle on compliance and security, TraceCSO has a solution for you. For more information on how TraceCSO can help your company through the cloud, visit You can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or read our blog at