TraceCSO is a ground-breaking innovation that transforms IT GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) into a unified and easy-to-manage business application. 

How does it change the IT GRC game?

It introduces automated information security management and compliance, with built-in expertise and best practices that eliminate guesswork, as well as the need for internal security specialists. 

It delivers a dramatic 80% savings. A simple year-to-year browser-based subscription model makes TraceCSO dramatically more affordable than the installed cost of comparable point solutions. 

It enables rapid deployment. TraceCSO can be up and running in a matter of weeks, without any business disruption – compared to conventional solutions that often require deployment schedules exceeding 12 months.

It accommodates on-going change.  It’s a true long-term solution, thanks to a flexible architecture, extensive compliance database, and integration with TraceSecurity professional services and consulting.  

Who is it for?

TraceCSO puts enterprise-class IT GRC management within the reach of all organizations – especially small and medium enterprises that may not have the benefit of a Chief Security Officer or a dedicated IT security team. TraceCSO is designed for organizations of any size, industry or security skill set that need to protect confidential information and meet compliance requirements.

How does it work?

With real-time and role-based access, TraceCSO automates the management of risk-based security.  Essentially, it streamlines data protection and compliance functions – including the oversight role of the Chief Security Officer – by combining six key elements:

  1. A complete, integrated suite of IT GRC management functions including Risk, Compliance, Policy, Training, Audit, Vendor, Incident Response, Vulnerability Management and Process. Not only does the seamless integration of these functions alleviate the added expense and administrative burden of dealing with disparate point solutions, it also improves overall performance and reliability – because the applications are designed to work together.
  1. Guaranteed currency with all global standards and regulatory mandates by linking to the Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) – which stays up to date with every IT-security-related mandate in the world and includes more than 60,000 citations and regulations from hundreds of authorities.
  1. User interface for easy management and comprehensive reporting. This easy-to-read dashboard provides access to over 30 discrete reports covering every functional area, and a variety of wizards and step-by step guides facilitate an intuitive setup process and easy ongoing management.
  1. Built-in integration and support services. TraceSecurity’s world-class security expertise is part of the complete TraceCSO solution and is applied at multiple levels: configuration and deployment, product support and baseline consulting. 
  1. The availability of optional professional services and strategic consulting. The full portfolio includes risk assessments, vulnerability assessments, IT audit, and much more.    
  1. Affordable, scalable cloud-based delivery. A simple yearly subscription delivers the full-force of a complete, always current, enterprise-class solution – without the need for capital investment or additional personnel.  

Learn more about TraceCSO's Functional Areas

  • Policy: Your policies, procedures, guidelines, checklists and standards are automatically generated, distributed and tracked. Policy distribution also works for policies you already have. In addition, you can leverage a comprehensive library of 2,000+ information security and data privacy policies directly within TraceCSO. We translate your high level objectives and vague information security requirements into specific controls that can be implemented and audited.
  • Vulnerability: Network scanning identifies network vulnerabilities and configuration scanning allows the documentation of your organization's technical compliance controls to be automated. Identify, manage and automatically deploy missing patches on your network and applications. Leverage TraceCSO as your deployment engine for security updates and as a data collection tool that helps to drive system inventory and improve configuration and vulnerability scanning. Ensure your systems are fully patched and up-to-date at all times. To learn more, download the TraceCSO Vulnerability Management Data Sheet.
  • Training: A built-in learning management tool provides courseware, integrates training with controls, and streamlines tracking of course completion.
  • Audit: Thanks to data automatically populating audit fields from other functional areas of TraceCSO, you eliminate the need for internal and external auditors to manually verify controls.
  • Compliance: It's done! All of the relevant data is already in place – automatically – for the compliance review process.
  • Vendor: Track all of your third-party vendor due diligence efforts and identify and mitigate risks associated with vendor relationships.
  • Process: Establish accountability and oversight by electronically tracking and managing business processes through a ticketing system that automatically feeds information back to your risk, audit and compliance programs.
  • Incident Management: For tracking and reporting on details of information security incidents, including what was affected, incident categorization, severity of disruption, date and time of detection, declaration of disclosure and resolution.
  • Reporting: Empower your users with intuitive dashboards that provide real-time visibility and allow the creation of everything from routine reports to sophisticated board reports and ad hoc requests.