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TraceSecurity delivers peace-of-mind to IT stakeholders through practical, consultative cybersecurity and compliance solutions.

TraceSecurity has been assisting customers with IT security and compliance for more than a decade. Started in 2004 to serve data-intensive financial service industries, our team was built during a time of heavy regulations and rapidly growing cybersecurity threats.

As time passed, the threats and regulations continued to grow. Businesses needed to be more secure, but they often lacked the resources to execute solutions proposed by enterprise-level cybersecurity firms — so we set out to change that.

We listened to our customers and identified their biggest problems and concerns around IT security. With their feedback, we created practical, worry-free cybersecurity solutions that deliver the greatest impact for our customers’ investment. Our services and software help organizations of all sizes reduce the risk of security threats and ensure full compliance without unreasonable costs, staffing or time required.

TraceSecurity is proud to offer a variety of core solutions to meet your needs. From risk assessments to security awareness training, we provide services that proactively prepare you and your employees for real-world cyber threats.

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What’s “practical cybersecurity?"

At TraceSecurity, we know that not every customer has unlimited time, money or staff to address IT security. So we collaborate with you to create solutions that meet four critical requirements:

  • Value: We aim to deliver the maximum impact for your IT security investment — and that starts with ensuring that your services are within budget.
  • Efficiency: By incorporating customer feedback, we constantly fine-tune our services to meet your expectations for timely service execution and report completion.
  • Consideration: We give you a truthful assessment of the full impact to your organization — because is it worth implementing an IT control if it makes operations too difficult or stops customers from buying?
  • Expertise: Our consultants bring deep experience and up-to-date knowledge to every relationship, so you get our best effort the first time, informed by the latest IT security exploits and threats.

What’s “worry-free cybersecurity?"

We strive to ensure that our customers feel that the following was achieved after every engagement with our team.

  • Regulatory Requirements are met :Our people are constantly trained on the latest regulatory requirements
  • Cybersecurity Goals are met : Guidance is given toward becoming more mature over time
  • Independent and Objective view has been given: We don't manage your IT - we are truly independent and that allows us to give impartial and honest results
  • Experienced Security experts are involved, not your financial auditors: Over 14 years in business and delivered over 20,000 reports that have led to successful audits

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