Learning is Top Priority

For schools and universities, educating their students is top priority. This includes adopting new technology to make the student experience better, and to make faculty's lives easier. The adoption of more technology leads to more ways for systems to be compromised and sensitive data to be harvested. For administrators, the focus should still be on educating students, but as attacks become more numerous and regulations like FERPA continue to grow it becomes an issue that can distract from the top priority. With each engagement, you can expect:

  • Education Grade Cybersecurity Solutions

    Education Grade Cybersecurity Solutions

    We have software and services specifically tailored to meet the needs of educational institutions of all sizes.

  • Education Industry Expertise

    Education Industry Expertise

    We are true experts at providing IT solutions for the education space.

  • Impartial Assessment

    Impartial Assessment

    You will receive an unbiased assessment of your IT security controls so you can truly know where you stand.

  • Flexible Reporting

    Flexible Reporting

    There are different types of reporting available to you to satisfy the needs of various executives and auditors.

  • Audit Approved Reports

    Audit Approved Reports

    We've delivered over 10,000 successful reports, making sure auditors are happy with the results.

Visit Us At Conferences

We attend education technology conferences such as AASA, CoSN, and ISTE to interact with industry leaders and find out the best ways we can help you. With your feedback, we are constantly working to make the education space secure for faculty and students in the most practical way. If you are looking for cybersecurity services for your school district, get in touch.

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