Validate Your Healthcare Security Controls

Our Trace Experts have years of experience doing specific IT focused audits, Let us help you verify your controls, identify issues, and provide practical solutions to your healthcare specific environment.

What It Is

With healthcare companies moving toward digital solutions, the need for information security is bigger than ever. But how do you know your IT controls are in place? How do you identify weaknesses and determine how to make controls better? With a HIPAA IT Audit, our experts will review your controls and provide detailed recommendations on how your organization can be more secure. This is an excellent way to test compliance and ensure your organization is following defined procedures.

What We Do

Our IT experts work with you to review the appropriate documents, make observations, and conduct interviews to verify your security controls against regulations including HIPAA, HITECH, and NIST. After controls are verified, you will be issued a comprehensive report with recommendations on controls that need to or should be remediated.

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