HIPAA Risk Assessment

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Keep Your Healthcare IT Secure and Compliant

Our IT Risk Assessment reviews the effectiveness of security controls and gives recommendations on ways to ensure a proper level of risk mitigation. In addition to the typical information systems infrastructure, a HIPAA-focused risk assessment addresses specific security needs of healthcare organizations including, but not limited to:

  • Electronic Health Record Systems

    Electronic Health Record Systems

  • Network Enabled Medical Systems

    Network Enabled Medical Systems

  • Medical Billing Systems

    Medical Billing Systems

  • HIPAA-Specific Privacy Rules

    HIPAA-Specific Privacy Rules

  • HIPAA-Specific Breach Handling Rules

    HIPAA-Specific Breach Handling Rules

A Comprehensive Assessment

The process begins with interviews with key customer personnel. We use this information to develop a framework to represent the operational assets of the organization, as well as the threats that pose risk to those assets. Our analysts then perform a detailed controls examination to understand how the organization protects its assets and where there is room for improvement. After these exercises are complete, we present an extensive report to outline the risks identified and offer recommendations for reducing risk.

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