TraceCSO Implementation Training is a series of four webinars available to all TraceSecurity customers for unlimited viewing.

Contact your Delivery Director to request training session recordings.


Implementation Webinar #1: Network Scanning

This implementation session reviews TraceCSO’s network scanning functionality and explores how you can best leverage its network scanning capabilities to meet your organization’s unique needs. After this training, you will be able to manage your own network scans, run vulnerability scans, and set standardized and automatic schedules. In addition, you will be able to track the remediation of vulnerabilities through a standardized workflow, report on vulnerabilities in multiple ways, and customize vulnerability reports.


Implementation Webinar #2: Policies, Processes, Training and Vendor Management

This implementation session highlights TraceCSO’s policy, training, process, incident response, and vendor management functionalities and emphasizes their integration into risk and audit through linkages. After this training, you will be able to standardize and disseminate policies and training courses, will have a centralized repository of vendors for due diligence, and will know how to create processes that automatically notify users of assigned tasks. Finally, you will learn about the management, documentation, and integration of incident response procedures into other functional areas of TraceCSO. 


Implementation Webinar #3: Risk Assessment

This session introduces the risk assessment with emphasis on the interaction between assets, threats, and controls. The session outlines TraceSecurity's risk assessment methodology, and explores how other areas of the software integrate into the risk assessment. You will learn how to set up your global risk assessment structure and dive into the remediation action plan capabilities of the software. This training will give you a solid foundation and understanding of the risk assessment process and paint a larger picture of the automation and integration capabilities that TraceCSO provides. After this session, you will be familiar with the risk assessment process and structure as well as how to read the associated dashboards.


Implementation Webinar #4: IT Audit, Compliance and Reports

This session reviews the audit, compliance, and reporting capabilities of TraceCSO with an emphasis on integration into the global risk assessment. After this training, you will be able to perform audits and compliance assessments, generate and schedule reports, and understand the connection and integration between the major functional areas of the TraceCSO solution.