Red Team Testing

By Jared Thomas & Garrett Campbell, Information Security Analysts

Until now, there has been something we've never tested: the way that professional hacking groups use information from each step of their attack process to make their later attacks more effective. Our new service, Red Team Testing, involves combination of reconnaissance, social engineering, and penetration testing to provide the most adversarial test we have to offer.

Jared Thomas, Information Security Analyst

Jared joined the TraceSecurity team with 3 years of experience physical security, working with access control and IP camera systems. At TraceSecurity, he works on our risk assessments, IT security audits, and penetration tests. Jared holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film & Media Arts from Louisiana State University, as well as a Master of Science in Cybersecurity from the University of Tulsa.

Garrett Campbell, Information Security Analyst

Garrett has several years of experience in information technology training in Ruby on Rails at Tech Talent South. At TraceSecurity, he is the service owner for our onsite social engineering engagements. Garrett has a CompTIA Network+ and Security+ certifications and earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Louisiana State University.

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