Simulate an All-Out Attack Against Your IT Security

IT security and compliance is a behemoth of constantly evolving threats and regulations. Between penetration tests, zero-day malware, IT audits, new compliance regulations and everything else in between, how can you be sure that the steps you are taking to secure your organization are actually securing it?

Removing the Complications

Our Advanced Persistent Threat Assessment (APTA) gives you a true picture of your IT security, by simulating an all out attack where your organization has become a priority target. With the APTA our cybersecurity experts complete a number of assessments and tests, sometimes building on one another, and will provide you with a single report that can help you easily identify security or control gaps.

Advanced Testing By Experts

Our APTA is designed to identify any weaknesses that could be used by external attackers to collect your organization's confidential data or disrupt your IT operations. Our process includes:

  • Intelligence Gathering About Your Organization

    We do deep research into your organization, and your employees to see if we can identify any weaknesses.

  • Network Mapping

    We map out your entire network.

  • Vulnerability Testing

    We test your network for vulnerabilities.

  • Identification of Attack Vectors

    We plan out the attack, so that you can get the most impact from this engagement.

  • Exploit Testing and Penetration Attacks

    We utilize both manual and automated tests against your network.

  • Remote and Onsite Social Engineering

    We pose as vendors/customers or others to try and gain access to sensitive information.

  • Physical Security Circumvention Testing

    We utilize various techniques to test your physical security at your location(s).

  • Immediate Notification of Critical Risks

    We get in touch immediately if a critical risk is found.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Get information on each weakness and ensure that you are prepared if you do become a target.

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