Don’t be the Low Hanging Fruit for an Attacker

Minimize your digital footprint to become less visible to potential attackers. Reduce the publicly available information about your company and employees to protect you from being an easy target.

The Problem

There is a lot of publicly available information about your organization - configuration details about your domain and email, information about users within your organization, and servers that are exposed to the outside world. For someone trying to get access to your data, this information can provide them with a playbook to attacking your organization. Just as important, properly configuring and securing these externally-facing components shows that you are security conscious and will cause attackers to try elsewhere.

Our Solution

In an External Security Assessment, our team collects and reports public information easily obtained by attackers and ensures your external systems follow configuration best practices. We provide easy-to-implement recommendations that your managed service provider or IT staff can handle with your existing investments - nothing additional to buy, just modify settings and you're done. To get started, you don't need to install any software or equipment - we can check everything remotely and provide you with a report on the findings. And, we do this monthly to ensure you remain off the radar moving forward.

  • Email Configuration

    We identify if you have the necessary protections in place to make it difficult for attackers to send email that appears to come from you or to intercept and modify the contents of a message. This is done through sending a test email as well as reviewing DNS records.

  • External Network

    Your organization has public exposure to the internet - everyone else can see it and easily scan it to determine if you are an easy target. We conduct the same type of scans as the attackers and look for common weaknesses or points of exposure. If we find any, we'll provide you with the information you need to eliminate or mitigate that finding.

  • Domain Configuration

    We check the configuration of your domain registration to ensure it's difficult for an attacker to redirect traffic or take control of your domain as well as identify any areas where you may be providing information that could be used by social engineers. This is done through a review of your DNS registration records and we will make recommendations as to how to change those records to reduce this risk.

  • Open Source Intelligence

    There is likely a good deal of publicly-available information about your organization and employees on the Internet. This is not necessarily a bad thing; however, it's important to know what information is available and how it could be used by attackers. This can help you to work toward reducing your public footprint as well as bolster your security awareness program for your employees.

Let's Get Started

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