Impartial IT Security Experts Validate Your Controls

Our Trace Experts have years of experience doing specific IT focused audits. Let us help you verify your controls, identify issues, and provide practical solutions.

What It Is

Companies use controls to help mitigate risks. For example, locking a door is a control that reduces the risk of someone accessing a room with sensitive information. As IT has become crucial to nearly every organization, these risks and the accompanying controls have become more and more prevalent. But how do you know your IT controls are actually in place? How do you identify weaknesses and determine how to make controls better? With the TraceSecurity IT Security Audit, real experts will review your controls and provide detailed recommendations. It’s an excellent way to test compliance or ensure that your organization is following defined procedures.

What We Do

Our IT experts work with you to scope and schedule the audit, which can be performed onsite or remotely, then we request documentation. We collect and review the appropriate documents, then make observations and conduct interviews to verify controls. A comprehensive report follows, reviewed with you to discuss audit findings and recommendations. Our team is extremely consultative throughout the process, working with you as a true partner to make sure you have actionable recommendations.

Take Action with Our Software

Once you've completed your Risk Assessment, we want to equip you with the tools to take action on your remediation plan. That's why we offer software that lets you see your results from our assessment, as well as assign, track and monitor remediation activity. Our software also allows you to generate reports that show your plan in action and will be updated once remediation activity is complete.

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Reporting That Makes an Impact.

Prove to your auditors, executives or board members that your program is making strides in the right direction. Our reporting is comprehensive, completed by experts, and in line with the latest best practices. And with the help of our software, you get access to reports on-demand as well as the ability to manage all types of IT audits.

Our Reports Include:

  • Easy Access to Reports

    Easy Access to Reports

    Get quick access to your reports through our easy-to-use software portal.

  • Recommended Action Plan

    Recommended Action Plan

    At the end of your engagement we give you actionable steps to take to reinforce your IT security plan.

  • IT Audit Methodology

    IT Audit Methodology

    We give you information on how we conducted our IT Audit and reasoning behind each result.

  • Information Security Policy Testing

    Information Security Policy Testing

    We check through your IT policies and see if they actually work.

  • Supporting Documentation

    Supporting Documentation

    Our process and findings will be backed with supporting documentation explaining how and why we do things.

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