Test Your Network Against a Real World Attack

Hackers are always looking for low hanging fruit to exploit - don't be an easy target. Our approach to pen testing is a bit different. We use a combination of software and manual exploits to ensure that you get a true test of your network. Once complete, we provide immediate notification of critical risks, and an extensive report that contains details and exposure of vulnerabilities.

What It Is

Organizations use firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention, and many other tools to help keep “bad actors” from penetrating their networks. Vulnerability Assessments are valuable, scanning networks and checking for vulnerabilities to help prevent exploits — but how can you get a true test of your network? With TraceSecurity penetration testing, our analysts use different real-world techniques to attempt to gain access to sensitive information, and we do it in many different ways, including external penetration testing, internal penetrating testing, and more.

What We Do

We work with you to understand your expectations and walk you through a recommended approach. Our analyst researches your organization, then sets about testing the network. No matter which tests are performed, you’ll receive a comprehensive report detailing specific vulnerabilities and exploits, along with practical recommendations on how these can be remediated.

Types of Penetration Testing

  • External Network Penetration Testing

    External Network Penetration Testing

    We pose as an outsider, trying to get through your firewall and inside your network to compromise your systems and take sensitive information.

  • Internal Network Penetration Testing

    Internal Network Penetration Testing

    We pose as a threat inside your network, like a disgruntled employee, to see which systems we can disrupt and what information we can gather.

  • Application Security Testing

    Application Security Testing

    Reveals vulnerabilities in your application’s security profile that can escape detection with conventional vulnerability testing and provides recommendations for remediation.

  • Medical Device Penetration Testing

    Medical Device Penetration Testing

    An internal penetration test for healthcare organizations, focused on testing what a hacker could compromise and gather protected health information, including medical devices.

  • Wireless Assessment and Penetration Testing

    Wireless Assessment and Penetration Testing

    Get a detailed look into the risks of your wireless set-up through expert attempts to gain access and compromise systems.

Our Customer Commitment

At TraceSecurity, we treat our customers like people, not numbers. That's why when you call our office you talk to an actual human being, all of our solutions come with unlimited support, and there's no extra charge for 'priority support.' Every customer is a priority at TraceSecurity.

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