You Could Be Low Hanging Fruit

Hackers are constantly looking for weak organizations to hack and see what they can access. If you have any glaring vulnerabilities, chances are someone will find them and exploit them to your disadvantage. Don't be an obvious target - get ahead of the hackers and fix your vulnerabilities before they find them.

Don't Make It Easy

Hackers are constantly trying to see what they can get into whether they're sitting at home, a coffee shop, or even right outside your building. If you have one small vulnerability in your network, they can easily use it to gain more and more access and compromise your sensitive company information right under your nose. External penetration testing can help you get ahead of the hackers and determine how vulnerable your system is before they do.

Our Practical Solution

External Penetration Testing (EPT) simulates how an attacker could breach your external defenses, such as firewalls. With an EPT we'll actually try to exploit any vulnerabilities found during scanning. New threats and vulnerabilities are popping up every day, so it's important for your organization to be proactive and get ahead of hackers. At the end of your engagement, you'll receive a full report with recommendations on how to remediate your vulnerabilities.

Our Process

  • Scoping Call

    Scoping Call

    One of our Information Security Analysts (ISA) will call you to discuss the goals for your engagement and what methods they will use to ethically hack your organization.

  • Vulnerability Scanning

    Vulnerability Scanning

    We'll scan your network to find any vulnerabilities we can use to hack your company.

  • Information Gathering

    Information Gathering

    Depending on the depth of your engagement, our ISA will gather employee usernames and may also look into their social media accounts and other sites for information.

  • Analysis of Vulnerabilities

    Analysis of Vulnerabilities

    Our ISA will organize your vulnerabilities by severity so they can target the weakest points first.

  • Exploitation of Vulnerabilities

    Exploitation of Vulnerabilities

    Our ISA will manually try to exploit any found vulnerabilities to access sensitive company information.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Comprehensive Reporting

    You'll receive a report on the engagement including the scanned vulnerabilities and any sensitive information we were able to access.

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