The Device Problem

Technology is constantly updating and working together to transmit information over networks. Many medical devices are connected over your network, meaning they can share information across many platforms making your work life easier. However, this also means each medical device is a potential access point for hackers. Any device that connects to your network can be exploited in order to obtain records and other sensitive company and patient information.

An Internal Test For Healthcare

Every company has vulnerabilities, but for healthcare, information security is even more important because of the amount of records that are sent internally and externally every day. Since many medical devices are on your networks, they are also at risk of being hacked. We've worked to get you a comprehensive test of your internal network, including medical devices.

Secure Your Network

Our Penetration Test Including Medical Devices is an internal penetration test that focuses on what an attacker could compromise through your network, even through medical devices. This includes protected health information and non-public personal information (NPPI). Attackers could gain access to your internal network through malware, employees, or medical devices, and our analysts will attempt to exploit vulnerabilities in your network through all of these channels and more.

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