Big Security. Small Price Tag.

As a small to medium business, you don't have the time, resources, or budget to implement expensive, time-consuming security practices. But with so many hacking avenues out there, what can you do to be secure without breaking the bank?

Don't Be Low-Hanging Fruit

Small to medium businesses are not safe from cyberattacks. Attackers target networks of small companies because they tend to be less secure than larger corporations. The Small Institution Network Assessment addresses two critical business objectives: to help you achieve compliance and to avoid becoming low-hanging fruit for attackers - all with little impact to your budget.

We don't want you to be low hanging fruit for attackers, so we developed the Small Institution Network Assessment to help small organizations get secure and compliant without breaking your budget.

How We Can Help

The Small Institution Network Assessment (SINA), which bundles an internal and external network vulnerability assessment and an external penetration test, highlights the most commonly exploited weaknesses of your network and provides recommendations about how to secure the vulnerabilities so that you are no longer an easy target for attackers.

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