Test Your Human Firewall

At TraceSecurity, we leverage over 14 years of experience to test your organization's human element - the weakest point of most companies - in the most practical way. Using ethical hacking methods, we'll try to penetrate your organization through your employees using Remote or Onsite Social Engineering, or both.

Real-World Value

With our social engineering engagements, we simulate how real hackers would deceive your employees to access sensitive company information. If you don't have a security awareness program in place, this is a great way to see where your employees stand and begin training based on the results. If you already train your employees in security awareness, our various social engineering engagements can help you test your program and make it even better.

Our Process

Our social engineering engagements can be managed through our software, TraceCSO, to keep up with any exposed vulnerabilities and get reports - all in one place

Remote vs. Onsite

  • Remote Social Engineering

    Remote Social Engineering

    Our Remote Social Engineering engagements involve TracePhishing, TraceVishing, or both. TracePhishing is our email phishing service that includes education courses through TraceEDU. TraceVishing is our phone call voice phishing, or "vishing," service. These are both tried and true methods that hackers use on a daily basis.

  • Onsite Social Engineering

    Onsite Social Engineering

    How good is your company gatekeeper? Would your employees recognize a rogue person in their work environment? With our Onsite Social Engineering service, one of our analysts will go to your physical location and see if they can walk right through the front door. Once inside, they'll try to access restricted areas and any sensitive company information they can get their hands on.

A Comprehensive Phishing Tool

Using our TracePhishing platform will provide you with the confidence that you are doing everything at your disposal to test and educate your employees around the issues of phishing.

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Social Engineering Resources

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    Strengthening Your Human Firewall

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    Intro to Social Engineering

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