1. Can you use more than one cover story between locations?

    It is much easier for our Information Security Analyst if they don't have to bring along multiple costumes/disguises, but we can upon request.

  2. Do you perform USB drops?

    We will upon request but typically don't because we have a separate service that includes this.

  3. What is the script you use for vishing phone calls?

    We do not have just one script that we use. We are open to hearing your ideas, but we can also suggest some that we regularly use and have success with.

  4. How often is the phishing platform updated? How often can I expect new phishing templates?

    While there is no defined schedule for releasing new phishing templates, our team is continually searching for innovative methods for conducting phishing tests and will periodically release new templates. Additionally, out software provides the ability to create custom phishing templates which allows users to define their own content.

  5. Will Trace phish my employees continuously or only on set intervals?

    Depends on scope of the engagement - typically done in quarterly intervals but the emails are not all sent at once.

  6. If an employee fails a phishing attempt, what happens?

    Employees who fail phishing attempts are logged as such in out system and the details of the failure are reported to you. The details will include whether or not the phishing email was opened, whether or not the user clicked on the malicious link(s) included in the email, and exactly when the user failed the test (date and time). Additionally, there is an option to display a configurable web page with a message to notify users of their failure with tips to improve security awareness.

  7. How much does support cost? What happens if I have an issue with the software?

    Support is included at no additional cost and is available Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM-5:00 PM.