Identify Your Vulnerabilities

As networks become more complicated, network vulnerabilities grow, and it’s often difficult for an in-house IT department to identify these issues — from server patches and open ports to misconfigured firewalls — then properly remediate findings. TraceSecurity Vulnerability Assessments are completed by a team of our experts and can be performed on-site or remotely. In either case, you’ll get a comprehensive scan of your network, along with an expert review to help you identify which vulnerabilities are most critical, which are easy to remediate, and whether or not any are false positives. We offer multiple tiers of Network Vulnerability Assessments to match your organization’s needs.

Our Approach

Our team conducts a network vulnerability scan, then we manually test and/or validate vulnerabilities discovered so that false positives are removed. Our review can go as deep as required to get the job done, and our consultants will help you determine which level of Vulnerability Assessment is the best fit for your organization. At the end of the engagement you will get a comprehensive report, addressing all vulnerabilities and recommended fixes, as well as access to our Vulnerability Management platform to track your remediation progress.

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