Secure Your Application Before it Launches

Let us identify security gaps in your application and give you recommendations on keeping your application secure. We focus squarely on assessments, and do not do any remediation to ensure that you get a set of impartial 3rd party recommendations.

What It Is

When building a new application, tight development deadlines and the desire to deliver the product to the customer as quickly as possible are normal. As a result, application security is often overlooked. With TraceSecurity Web Application Testing, we focus our expertise on your business-critical applications, identifying security gaps and ensuring that you are not exposing sensitive information or allowing unauthorized access.

What We Do

First, we talk with you to get a better understanding of the app. We’ll request full access to the application, using appropriate credentials, to make sure we can test it effectively. Then we perform a vulnerability scan and attempt to exploit the application manually. Once we’ve done a complete application test and gather findings, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive report that includes actionable results to keep your application secure.

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