Don't Be An Easy Target For Hackers In Your Industry

Our Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CSAT) is a great way to determine where your organization stands when it comes to cybersecurity posture. Once you get your results, you'll be able to identify your next steps and fit these into a road map for boosting your defense against hackers. And the best part - it's FREE.

Your Cybersecurity Preparedness

With cyber threats becoming more numerous every year, organizations are always looking for ways to become more secure. For many organizations, the first and biggest question is “Where do I start?” At TraceSecurity, we believe a cybersecurity assessment is always the right place to begin.

Where to Start

Our FREE Cybersecurity Assessment Tool delivers a step-by-step process for evaluating your organization’s overall cybersecurity preparedness. It’s based on the NIST cybersecurity framework, allows you to easily perform a self-assessment to determine preparedness, and gives detailed reporting, along with recommendations to strengthen cybersecurity. Not sure if you need a CSAT? Check out our infographic.

Evaluate Your Organization's Cybersecurity Maturity

Our CSAT report includes a comprehensive evaluation of your organization's cybersecurity posture across 5 cybersecurity domains. Each category will include a chart like the one below showing where you stand and how you can improve. Whether you're a small organization with limited technology (Least Risk) or an institution with extremely complex technologies (Most Risk), you can get an idea of how robust your IT program needs to be.

Expert Review. On Demand.

Need help completing your CSAT? TraceSecurity offers 2 ways we can help you complete the assessment and provide actionable recommendations.

  • Cybersecurity Assessment - Plus

    After you complete the CSAT questionnaire, a Trace Expert will review your findings and provide a comprehensive report including analysis and recommendations based on your provided answers.

  • Cybersecurity Assessment - Premium

    A Trace Expert will walk you through the CSAT questionnaire, review your findings, and provide a comprehensive report. This will include recommendations on how to start or how to improve the cybersecurity program at your organization.


Our Cybersecurity Assessment Tool has been used effectively by Trace clients across a variety of industries


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