The Physical Security Inspection Platform

Rethinking Inspections

Traditional physical security inspections are completed by third-party experts. If you’re looking to check progress on your physical security before third-party inspectors return, it’s time to rethink your inspection approach. Our tablet-based TraceInspect is the ultimate tool for empowering anyone to address physical security weaknesses and complete a physical security inspection for their organization. Because our cybersecurity expertise is built in, it can reduce the time it takes to perform an inspection, and keep reporting all in one easy to access place.

How It Works

TraceInspect allows any authorized employee or agent to perform a physical security inspection, at any location, as many times as needed. When you sign up, you'll receive a tablet with the pre-installed application. The app will walk you through a physical security inspection, allowing you to take photos and tag them to the questions to help prove compliance. Once each inspection is complete, you receive comprehensive, auditor-approved reports.

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