1. What is a physical security inspection?

    We are focused on information security; therefore our inspection focuses on any physical weaknesses in your organization that may lead to exposure or loss of your sensitive data.

  2. I use a security company with alarms and 24x7 monitoring, why do I need TraceInspect?

    There are many ways that your information can be exposed or stolen. One of those is unlawful entry to your physical structure, which a monitored alarm system would help to mitigate. However, there are many other ways in which information can be stolen or lost: employees throwing away sensitive documents, environmental disasters, or approved visitors or customers in your facility gaining access to sensitive areas.

  3. You are a cybersecurity company. What does TraceInspect have to do with my computers or computer equipment?

    The inspection focuses on information security - and most information is stored digitally. Therefore, the inspection has a heavy focus on computer equipment: is it properly secured, are there protections in your data center, are employee screens visible from insecure areas, etc.

  4. How many users can TraceInspect handle?

    There isn't a user-limit. Our app is licensed by physical locations that you want to inspect.

  5. When should I get a 3rd party company to perform a physical security inspection?

    With our tool, you no longer need a 3rd party to perform physical security inspections on your facilities because the application enables you to perform a quality inspection on your own.

  6. What is the benefit to performing a security inspection yourself?

    Because your physical environment can change, it is beneficial to conduct physical security inspections on a regular basis. If you are out-sourcing this assessment multiple inspections can become expensive. Then you end up with an outdated assessment that does not reflect your current physical security environment.

  7. How long does it take to set-up TraceInspect?

    First time set up takes less than an hour.

  8. Does TraceSecurity keep any records of these inspections? For how long?

    Inspections are stored and accessible only to you, users authorized by you, and TraceSecurity administrators. Inspections are effectively stored indefinitely, until either you delete them or your close your account.

  9. How much is technical support for the app?

    Support is included.

  10. How does the app allow anyone to perform an inspection?

    The tablet-based application is easy to navigate, and questions are written so that anyone can answer the questions and record evidence without needing to have an understanding of security or IT.

  11. I'm an IT department of one, how can TraceInspect help?

    Our tool was designed for organizations with little-to-no IT or security staff. The applications walks you through your facility, step-by-step, and directs you to look for and record information as you go. It doesn't require experience with IT or security to complete an inspection.

  12. What tablets are compatible with the app? Do I need to buy my own?

    Any iOS or Android-based tablet works with our tool. You do not have to buy one, we will provide one free tablet.

  13. How many times can I perform a physical security inspection with the app?

    For each location you can perform as many inspections as you like - there is no limit to the number of inspections for a given location.

  14. Can TraceInspect help remediate any deficiencies in my physical compliance?

    The tool doesn't perform any remediation. However, it will identify the most critical gaps that you should remediate first.

  15. Does the app include reporting?

    Yes, the admin portal includes the ability to export inspections as reports.

  16. How can I prove that these items are in compliance?

    While performing an inspection, our app walks the user through documenting evidence of physical security controls, typically done by taking a photo on the tablet. Upon completion of an inspection you'll have documented evidence of security controls.

  17. How can I be sure that doing a inspection utilizing TraceInspect will fulfill my compliance need?

    Although most regulators require physical security inspections, the specific requirements vary. TraceSecurity's proprietary checklist included with the application is built on our 13+ years of experience in conducting physical security assessments across various industries. These will cover a wide variety of requirements.

  18. Will TraceSecurity help me remediate any issues that I find through the tool?

    In many cases, yes. We offer training and testing for employees as well as policies and policy management to help with many identified physical security issues. However, there are certain items, like security alarms and fire-suppression, that we do not offer.

  19. What if I have a question about certain compliance requirements - can TraceSecurity help?

    Yes, we can work with you to build out customized physical security inspections that meet specific compliance requirements.