Vulnerability Management Built for the Real World

With Vulnerability Management, you get a software tool that empowers you to reduce vulnerabilities without taking up all of your time or department resources. Our features were created through solving common customer issues, and focus on three key areas: vulnerability scanning inside the software, managing those vulnerabilities, and easy-to-use reporting.

Don't Scan For Vulnerabilities - Manage Them.

Typical vulnerability scanners output thousands of results, leaving you to sort, categorize and remediate by hand. Vulnerability Management is more than just scanning, it provides true vulnerability management, giving you the power to search, filter, and categorize vulnerabilities. Then assign tasks out to your team and watch as your total network vulnerabilities decreases.

A Customer First Platform

Our platform was built with customer feedback so it empowers you to build a vulnerability management program at your organization. This helps meet compliance requirements, makes your IT more resilient to cyber attacks, and saves you time and resources. Check out a few of the reasons why you should be performing vulnerability management.

Vulnerability Scanner Built In

Per our customer's requests, our Vulnerability Management Platform includes a vulnerability scanning appliance built right into the application. Our scanner is delivered as a virtual machine that sits on your network and can run regular network scans or authenticated scans against your devices.

Benefits of Authenticated Scanning:

  • Increased scan speeds
  • Reduced false positives
  • Eliminates the risk of scans negatively affecting systems
  • Network Scanning

    Use our unauthenticated scanner for quick and easy set ups and scans.

  • Easily Deployable Appliance

    The scanner appliance virtual machine can be deployed in common virtual environments, including VMWare, HyperV and VirtualBox.

  • Authenticated Scanning

    Our Authenticated scanning reduces false positives and gives a pass/fail result.

  • A Fast Engine

    A faster engine allows for more frequent scans of your environment.

  • Scan for Hosts

    Determine all the devices on your network with our scan for hosts feature, this includes rogue devices.

  • Scan Scheduling

    Create and schedule scans to run daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Management and Remediation

Due to how many results come back on a day to day basis from network vulnerability scans, there's just no way to remediate all vulnerabilities. This gets even worse since vulnerability sorting, prioritizing and remediating is only a portion of the tasks that you're asked to do daily. Our tool allows you to manage those vulnerabilies by creating a plan to prioritize, and then address and document the decisions you make on the vulnerabilities you don't have time to address.

  • Prioritize your Vulnerabilities

    Use search, sort, and filter functions to prioritize the vulnerabilities that pose the most risk to your organization.

  • Remediation Reference Information Built In

    Vulnerabilities include CVE ids, CVSS scores, and remediation reference information to aid in prioritization and remediation.

  • Vulnerability Notation

    Demonstrate to management and auditors your plan for addressing vulnerabilities by notating each one.

  • Remediation Assignments

    Spread out the work and assign remediation task to team members inside the software.

  • Easy Documentation

    Document your remediation action plan, along with the vulnerabilities you plan to fix, and the reasons for not fixing other vulnerabilities.

Report on your Vulnerability Management Plan and Results

A board, boss or regulator is going to ask for your vulnerability management program. How do you prove to them that your vulnerability management program is in place and resolving issues? Our Vulnerability Management Platform includes reports to show exactly how you are addressing vulnerabilities, including how many new vulnerabilities are found and how many you and your team have remediated. Through these reports, its easy to show that your vulnerability management plan addresses the most critical vulnerabilities in a practical way.

  • Show Improvement

    Our results show both passes and fails, which allow you to show improvement over time. We don't only focus on failures.

  • Focus on the Issues

    Our reporting breaks down the most important issues, to ensure that they are addressed.

  • Concise Reporting

    Our reports are an easy way to prove that a meaningful vulnerability management process is in place, not just scanning.

  • Trending Reports

    View your vulnerabilities over time and identify your progress as you remediate.


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