The Customer Awareness Platform

The Latest Cybersecurity Information On-Demand

Cybersecurity involves more than just your organization. Customers can be a security concern and need to be aware, informed, and engaged in cybersecurity content in order to help mitigate your organizations risk. How do you find, curate, and create content that properly informs your customers about the latest threats and can also be used as a tool to increase your brand recognition, customer loyalty and help you meet certain compliance requirements?

Keep Customers Informed

TraceAdvisor is our robust and flexible customer awareness platform, that empowers you to distribute the latest cybersecurity content to employees, customers, or vendors quickly and easily. Set up is a breeze as the platform is easily embedded on any website with a single line of code. The TraceAdvisor content, updated daily, is created and curated by cybersecurity experts, and covers a wide range of cybersecurity topics focused on everything from individuals to organizations.

The Right Content In The Right Place

Customize your version of TraceAdvisor to solve your problem. Need a steady stream of cybersecurity information on your intranet for compliance purposes? Looking for content marketing that can be embedded on your website and customized to suit your brand colors? Want to use the content in your newsletter or blog posts? All of this is possible with our dynamic platform.

TraceAdvisor Benefits

Our platform comes with key benefits that make it a perfect fit for any sized organization in any industry. Don't forget that when you choose TraceAdvisor, you get content backed by cybersecurity experts and our hands-on support team.

  • Easy Embed

    Easy Embed

    Easily embed on your site with a single line of code.

  • News Feeds

    News Feeds

    News feeds can be placed anywhere on your site that lead back to your TraceAdvisor

  • Content Is Yours

    Content Is Yours

    All content is yours to use and distribute any way you'd like.

  • Completely Customizable

    Completely Customizable

    TraceAdvisor is completely customizable to work within your brand colors, and all content can be edited or you can add your own custom articles.

  • Training Videos

    Training Videos

    Immediate access to common scam information and how to stay secure against them

  • Social Media Sharing

    Social Media Sharing

    Share the content direct from TraceAdvisor to help drive content to your site.

  • Daily Updates

    Daily Updates

    Content is updated daily to keep your customers informed.

  • Content For Any Audience

    Content For Any Audience

    TraceAdvisor content includes advice tailored for both individual and commercial customers.

  • Unlimited Support

    Unlimited Support

    Our support team is here from 8-5 everyday, no extra charge for 'priority support'.

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