1. How often is content on TraceAdvisor updated?

    New articles are being delivered through TraceAdvisor daily.

  2. How customizable is the TraceAdvisor application and content?

    The look and design of the content platform can be customized to fit the theme of your organization's website. Content and feeds can be customized to fit your organization's preferences.

  3. Can I use the TraceAdvisor content on other portions of my website? Can I post to my blog?

    Yes. Every article contains links to help share content via social media and blogs.

  4. Can I put multiple instances of the advisor on different pages? For example: If I’d like to put one advisor on my intranet and another on my website, but fill them with different content, can I do that?

    Yes, the platform has the ability to be customized based on the platform being used.

  5. How can I use advisor to help my content marketing strategy?

    Social media sharing and social media campaigns: the content provided in the platform can be shared in social media campaigns by the organization. Using our solution, the organization can enable the ability for people browsing their site to sign up for a weekly Fraud & Security newsletter. This newsletter would drive traffic back to the content platform implementation on your website. Also, any content can be re-purposed in any way the organization sees fit. Full articles and excerpts can be used in other publications or communications (blog posting, newsletters, mail outs etc.)

  6. Does the content platform provide any reporting, does it have any analytics attached to it?

    Yes, reporting is provided. We report on the number of clicks/views each article receives. The overall number of views per article can be broken down into the number of views per day.

  7. How much does support cost? What happens if I have an issue with getting it set up or with the proper content not displaying?

    Support is included at no additional cost. Our team is available to assist 8:00 AM-5:00 PM CST Monday-Friday.