1. How long does it take to set up?

    Setup is quick and easy and only requires a few minutes to begin assigning training courses to your users.

  2. How do I get users uploaded for the TraceEDU? Can I segment my users by department? Can I assign individuals to specific training courses?

    Users can be added to our training portal via CSV import, LDAP sync, or manual entry. Groups of users can be specified by department if you choose to do so and any individual can be assigned to a training course.

  3. How customizable are the training courses?

    There's a lot of flexibility when creating custom courses. Our training content is very comprehensive and continually refined so we find that customization is rarely necessary.

  4. How is the training delivered to employees? Will they need to create a login or is it a ‘one-click’ system?

    When employees are assigned to a training course, they will be notified of the assignment in an e-mail. Although usernames will be created for them automatically, they will create a password once they are assigned to their first training course.

  5. How often is the training updated? Are whole courses updated or just portions?

    Entirely new courses are created at least quarterly.

  6. Do my employees have to take a test at the end of each course?

    Each course includes a short test that is designed to determine whether or not the user taking the course is paying attention. Tests will never include "trick questions" and will always be structured as multiple choice, true false, or single select questions.

  7. What kind of reporting will I get? Can I see who has and hasn’t completed training modules?

    Yes, the report will include who has and has not completed training courses as well as any users who have taken training courses but have not yet completed or passed the course.

  8. Can I connect TraceEDU to something like the TracePhishing and queue up training for those who have failed a phishing attempt?

    Yes. Users can select training courses to be sent to users that fail phishing attempts when creating a phishing campaign.

  9. How much does support cost? What happens if I have an issue with the software?

    Support is included at no additional cost. Our team is available to assist 8:00 AM-5:00 PM CST Monday-Friday.