The Anti-Phishing Intelligence Platform

Stop Users from Engaging with Malicious Emails

Get PhinPoint and protect your users from Fraud, Ransomware and other Phishing attacks.

What is PhinPoint?

About 90% of data breaches begin with a targeted email phishing attack. Attackers have become increasingly more effective at delivering these emails and bypassing traditional anti-malware and anti-spam solutions, using tactics like CEO Fraud, Business Email Compromise, or Ransomware.

Your clients can undergo all of the testing and training, but ultimately we've identified that there needs to be something else in place that can help identify and alert users of malicious attempts through email.

We developed PhinPoint to identify, filter, and alert users of these phishing emails. An alert is displayed as a header on the email notifying users of why they are being alerted and what to look out for. Alerts can include things like:

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