Simulate an All-Out Attack

Attackers will cast a wide net using things like phishing emails and vulnerability scans to see what organizations are open to attack. If they can find an initial foothold through your employees or systems, you've just become a priority target. If an attacker decides to target your organization, there's essentially no limit to what they might try to gain access to your sensitive company information.

Traditional cybersecurity testing helps mitigate the security gaps in specific areas of your network(s), but the APTA tests your organization's security measures as a whole, from network infrastructure to employees. By performing these tests in succession, we are able to simulate the way an attacker will use information gathered through other attempts, as well as their ability to escalate and pivot to additional attacks.

Our Methodology

A TraceSecurity Advanced Persistent Threat Assessment is designed to follow the logical anatomy of an attack coming from a real-world hacker.

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