Failure of employees to properly implement security practices constitutes a major vulnerability to an information security program. To be effective, security training for your employees must include recognized information security best practices that are tailored to accommodate your organization’s unique infrastructure, operations and personnel.

The Compliance Overview

Information security compliance regulations and guidelines (FDIC, FFIEC, GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH, NCUA, OCC, PCI DSS etc.) require an organization to create an information security program designed to protect confidential information, including Non-Public Personal Information (NPPI). This includes training programs that instruct employees on security policies and procedures.

The TraceSecurity Solution

Our security training services are designed to increase security awareness among your staff and to meet compliance regulations. To produce an efficient and effective training program that includes your organization's information security policies and procedures, as well as results of recently performed assessments or social engineering engagements, training content delivery is flexible and highly customizable.

The length of the training engagement depends on the required content. Courses can be designed for individuals, groups or the entire organization. If desired, TraceSecurity will work with your organization to extend training to your customers, suppliers or other third parties. The training can be delivered onsite, at a training facility, or remotely through online presentations.

Security training topics include:

  • Identity management and password safety
  • Recognizing and responding to social engineering attacks
  • Private information storage/disposal
  • Wireless security protocols
  • Internet and web security
  • Home/family security
  • Portable device/media security
  • Antivirus/anti-phishing/anti-malware
  • Risk assessment best practices
  • Social network dangers


  • On-premise or browser-based software to enable your organization to facilitate on-demand training delivery and testing


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