Make Cybersecurity Knowledge Inescapable


The largest cybersecurity vulnerability in any organization is its people. Cyber breaches happen every day because someone clicked on a malicious e-mail link, connected to an open Wi-Fi network at a café, or gave out a little too much information to an individual posing as a vendor. Due to the widespread nature of many of these threats, organizations are asking their employees to be more vigilant. How can organizations support that effort and make their employees more aware of constantly evolving threats?


Setting up an employee training program is a great place to start, however creating something that will truly address the problem can be difficult, resource intensive and time consuming for your organization. How do you create a true culture of cybersecurity awareness in your organization without hiring extra staff or utilizing major resources? How do you measure the effectiveness of those initiatives once they are in place?

A comprehensive security awareness program from TraceSecurity can relieve you of that burden. We’ve created programs for many organizations, and it comes down to ensuring that two things are taking place: Assessment and Education.

Creating an educational component is fairly obvious, but important. Employees need to have an educational program that ensures that they are up to date on best practices, threats and how to mitigate them. The assessment portion of the security awareness program allows you to see where you are succeeding and track progress over time.


For an effective security awareness program, both the education and awareness component must meet certain criteria, as outlined below.


Education can only be effective if the employees retain the information and can then apply what they’ve learned. A program that someone simply clicks through to mark as ‘completed’ or an in person training engagement with a dull speaker, can seem like excellent educational opportunities, but aren’t effective.

Education has to meet several criteria to be worthwhile:

  • Relevant
    • Education has to be created by experts, utilizing the latest information available, and be pertinent to the organization.
  • Engaging
    • Education has to be full of entertaining and/or interactive content that helps users retain information.
  • Recurring
    • Education must be done on a cycle to improve retention, and ensure that the content is up to date.
  • Targeted
    • Education must be available to the right stakeholders within the organization.

Our education solutions include:








Once the education portion is complete, then you must have a way to decide whether the education is actually achieving anything. It's very difficult to measure how 'aware' your organization is about cybersecurity. The Assessment portions of our security awareness program help you decide whether employees are actually following policy, and if your organization is improving over time.

Assessments must meet several criteria to be worthwhile:

  • Comprehensive
    • Assessments must be performed by cybersecurity experts, armed with the latest hacking techniques, and be a real world test of your program.
  • Measurable
    • These assessments must contain a reporting component, and it's a benefit to stick with a provider that can provide information over time, so you can see how your program grows.

In addition, Assessments should be customizable for your organization. We've found that customized engagements are far more effective at testing a security awareness program, and that cookie cutter options don't provide as much impact.

Our assessment solutions include:





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