Wireless networks provide significant advantages for expanding network capabilities, but can easily become a source of vulnerability within an organization’s information system. Configuration and implementation deficiencies can lead to unauthorized access to sensitive information or networks – often without the intruder even setting foot inside the building. Therefore, wireless networks require close monitoring and periodic assessments to mitigate the exposure to security threats.

The Compliance Overview

Information security compliance regulations and guidelines (FDIC, FFIEC, GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH, NCUA, OCC, PCI DSS, etc.) require an organization to conduct independent testing of their information security program to identify vulnerabilities that could result in unauthorized disclosure, misuse, alteration, or destruction of confidential information, including Non-Public Personal Information (NPPI).

The TraceSecurity Solution

TraceSecurity offers an onsite wireless security assessment and penetration test that can provide your organization with a detailed look at the current risk of your wireless implementation. Our experienced security analysts take on the role of a hacker and attempt to penetrate the wireless network. After gaining access, the analysts attempt to compromise systems and information through ethical hacking methods – providing the means to evaluate the implementation and deployment of the wireless infrastructure.

When the evaluation is completed, our analysts make recommendations and consult with your organization to develop strategies for reducing risk exposure.

TraceSecurity’s wireless security assessment and penetration test follows documented best practices for security testing methodology, including:

  • Scoping and rules of engagement
  • Onsite external wireless scanning
  • Analysis and identification of attack vectors
  • Manual vulnerability testing and verification
  • Wireless device/server configuration review
  • Wireless policy review
  • Wireless topology mapping
  • Immediate notification of critical risks

Test results are provided in an extensive report containing:

  • Executive summary
  • Business and technical risks and recommendations
  • Wireless assessment methodology
  • Wireless security issues listed by risk and areas of concern
  • Details and exposure of wireless vulnerabilities
  • Enumeration of successfully penetrated systems
  • Counter measures
  • Appendix examples

On-going service via our web-based portal:

  • On-demand report generation for auditor, board and technical staff


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