TraceSecurity makes compliance automatic and affordable

Compliance never ends and is a source of constant concern and unpredictable expense. Thankfully, TraceSecurity can relieve you of this burden – by transforming compliance from a large and painful distraction into a simple, routine management function.

We do it with a unique combination of 1) unsurpassed expertise in ITsecurity systems and processes, 2) a deep knowledge of regulatory issues and 3) a revolutionary cloud-based IT GRC management platform. It’s all designed to integrate effective IT GRC management into your organizational culture – to make compliance simple and virtually automatic.  

And, remarkably, you can have it all with a low, predictable monthly cost – without any capital investment.


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Why does an organization need an ongoing and risk-based information security program for compliance?

In our digital and increasingly regulated marketplace, most organizations must now embrace information security and compliance as a management imperative. In addition to broad mandates such as GBLA, HIPAA and SOX, there are dozens of industry-specific mandates, as well as specific anti-breach regulations enacted by forty-seven states plus the District of Columbia. From retailers to government agencies, organizations are expected to develop and maintain on-going information security programs to address vulnerabilities associated not only with technology, but also with people and processes.

Such programs must incorporate best practices, including: 

  • Defining appropriate policies and procedures governing employee behavior in regards to information security
  • Educating employees on the information security policies and procedures
  • Verifying their understanding of relevant policies and procedures
  • Managing change over time – including changes in staff, changes in the IT environment, and changes in the nature of present threats

Regulations also require organizations to have regular security assessments performed by an independent third-party who is in no way responsible for the design, maintenance or administration of the network infrastructure or its security controls. Moreover, organizations are also required to have an ongoing security-testing program that includes periodic self assessments.

The burden is large – and growing.  But there’s a simple answer: TraceSecurity!

TraceSecurity delivers a trusted single-source solution

TraceSecurity is the market innovator in compliance management, bringing all the components you need into a single solution that is delivered by a single, accountable partner. 


The full spectrum of expert compliance services:

Our security and compliance consultants offer a full range of assessment, testing and training services that will assure an organization’s compliance with all current mandates. These market-leading services include:

Security Assessment: An independent test of the information security program.

Risk Assessment: To identify reasonably foreseeable risks that could result in service interruption or unauthorized disclosure, misuse, alteration, or destruction of confidential information.

  • Security Assessment: An independent test of the information security program.
  • Risk Assessment: To identify reasonably foreseeable risks that could result in service interruption or unauthorized disclosure, misuse, alteration, or destruction of confidential information.
  • IT Security Audit: An audit of the controls supporting the information security program.
  • Penetration Testing: A test of weaknesses using ethical attempts to exploit vulnerabilities.
  • Social Engineering: To test if employees are adhering to security policies.
  • Application Testing: Determines the strength of your online application security profile and identifies layer vulnerabilities.
  • Wireless Assessment: Provides a detailed look at the current risk of your wireless implementation as our security analysts attempt to compromise systems and information through ethical hacking methods.
  • Security Training: Flexible, customizable security awareness training.
  • Advanced Persistent Threat Assessment: A realistic assessment that fulfills several testing objectives simultaneously – all while reducing cost and delivery time compared to identical, individual security assessments, penetration testing and social engineering engagements.


Industry focus and expertise:

As IT GRC experts, TraceSecurity knows the security and compliance landscape. We understand the intricacies of mandates large and small, national and local, universal and industry-specific. Our market focus puts our expertise in the areas that are most impacted by the burdens of compliance:

  • Financial institutions
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Retail and business services
  • Government
  • Education
  • Legal

TraceCSO – the first and only cloud-based IT GRC management platform:

At the core of TraceSecurity’s information security compliance solutions is TraceCSO, the first integrated cloud-based IT GRC management platform. It integrates all the vital information and tasks necessary to maintain security compliance into a centralized interface. This allows your organization to streamline security compliance procedures, simplify the processes involved with IT risk management, and improve your security compliance program. TraceCSO delivers;

Automatic security and compliance, with built-in expertise and best practices that eliminate guesswork, as well as the need for internal security specialists. The interface, controls, documentation and reporting functions are simple and can be easily mastered by non-technical users. 

Dramatic cost savings, with a simple year-to-year browser-based subscription model. It is affordable, scalable, and eliminates the need for capital investment. This results in a large savings in both the installed cost and the total cost of ownership (TCO) of comparable point solutions.  

Rapid deployment. Typically, TraceCSO can be up and running in a matter of days, without any business disruption – versus conventional solutions that have been known to require deployment schedules exceeding 12 months.

Accommodates on-going change, TraceCSO is the market’s only long-term IT GRC solution: It is complete in its functionality, and is designed to accommodate new functions and features. It easily scales to thousands of users. And, it is always current with every regulatory and industry mandate in the world.


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