TraceSecurity offers best-in-class information security risk and compliance solutions for healthcare providers, clearinghouses, Medicare drug card sponsors and health plans. Our solutions combine expertise in security systems and processes, a deep knowledge of industry compliance requirements, and a cloud-based delivery platform – all to help your organization meet specific accreditation and regulatory requirements and, ultimately, improve the quality of care. And, a critical feature of our solution is the empowerment of your organization to automate much of the compliance process internally.

TraceSecurity Compliance Solutions leverage TraceCSO, a powerful management platform that gives you unprecedented visibility into your Information Security Program.


The Compliance Challenge

The Joint Commission is a healthcare accreditation group, governed by federal law that reviews and accredits hospitals that meet the criteria for the Medicare Conditions of Participation (reimbursement).

Examples of Information Management Standards for hospital accreditation include how:

  • Hospitals identify the internal and external information needed to provide safe, quality care
  • Information flows within the hospital
  • Data and information come into and leave the hospital; use the information identified to guide the development of information management processes
  • Staff and licensed independent practitioners participate in the assessment, selection, integration, and use of information management

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) mandates that providers, health plans, clearinghouses, and their business associates establish appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect the privacy and security of sensitive health information including Electronic Health Records (EHR). Specifically, sections 164.308 and 164.312 of the HIPAA Security Standards define administrative and technical safeguards that must be used to protect confidential medical information. HIPAA also requires health providers and others to take steps to mitigate any breach of safeguards or other violations of its policies and procedures. Additionally, these entities are subject to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH), as well as the Meaningful Use Guidelines for EHR.


The TraceSecurity Compliance Solution

With seasoned experts and cloud-based software, TraceSecurity helps you reduce the cost of creating, implementing, and managing a security and risk management program that meets The Joint Commission and HIPAA requirements. We enable you to demonstrate compliance to security policies, guidelines and best practices. At the same time, we help protect patient and employee information from breaches and assure the trust among patients, improving quality of care.

Our integrated solutions reduce the labor and resources needed to complete risk assessments, create security compliance processes that can be regenerated, and deliver standardized reports. Plus, our automated, on-demand solution enables you to efficiently assess your risk and security controls and simplifies organization-wide policy, training, enforcement, monitoring, reporting and auditing.

Ultimately, TraceSecurity helps you meet ever-evolving healthcare regulatory challenges, while providing you maximum flexibility and cost control. 


Our compliance solution includes a deep set of expert services:

Our security and compliance consultants offer a full range of assessment, testing and training services that will assure your organization’s compliance with all current mandates.  Services include:

  • Security Assessment: An independent test of the information security program.
  • Risk Assessment: To identify reasonably foreseeable risks that could result in service interruption or unauthorized disclosure, misuse, alteration, or destruction of confidential information.
  • IT Security Audit: An audit of the controls supporting the information security program.
  • Penetration Testing: A test of weaknesses using ethical attempts to exploit vulnerabilities.
  • Social Engineering: To test if employees are adhering to security policies.
  • Application Testing: Determines the strength of your online application security profile and identifies layer vulnerabilities.
  • Wireless Assessment: Provides a detailed look at the current risk of your wireless implementation as our security analysts attempt to compromise systems and information through ethical hacking methods.
  • Security Training: Flexible, customizable security awareness training.
  • Advanced Persistent Threat Assessment: A realistic assessment that fulfills several testing objectives simultaneously – all while reducing cost and delivery time compared to identical, individual security assessments, penetration testing and social engineering engagements.

Unlike solutions from conventional providers, these are not one-off services backed with limited expertise and resources. Your organization has access to teams of security experts who provide complete support and consultations through every phase of your engagement. Whether you have questions concerning specific policies or need assistance with remediation strategies, TraceSecurity provides the expertise you need to quickly and accurately resolve any security compliance issue.


Our compliance solution includes an integrated cloud-based compliance management platform:

We deliver and manage our services via TraceCSO -- the first integrated cloud-based IT GRC management platform. Optionally, TraceCSO is also the means by which you can automate and customize your organization’s ongoing compliance program. TraceCSO is powerful but also a remarkably affordable solution that is designed to make your information security program a valuable management asset that literally makes your organization compliant by default. Features include:

  • An intuitive, integrated dashboard to provide visibility into your information security program.
  • The ability to conduct unlimited, on-demand network vulnerability scanning.
  • The ability to facilitate an ongoing review of compliance with relevant industry security requirements.
  • Streamlined creation of security policies, distribution of policies, and reporting on acceptance of policies.
  • The ability to reduce training costs by creating internal employee training programs on policies, security and other topics.
  • On-demand report generation for auditors, board, management, and technical staff.
  • Facilitation of the internal risk management program.
  • Facilitation of the internal audit program.


We streamline processes so that you save time, money and effort!

Our software solutions help you develop standard, repeatable compliance processes so that you reduce the burden on your staff, as well as build a solid and efficient foundation for future compliance procedures. One of the biggest advantages our solutions provide is the ability to reduce the amount of time needed preparing for auditors. You can quickly and efficiently produce detailed reports critical to demonstrating adherence to compliance requirements.