Remove the hassle of policy distribution and acceptance.




Company policies are a cornerstone of your business. Managing the process of distributing these policies to your entire organization and getting employees to accept can be a time consuming headache. Our Policy Management software has streamlined the distribution and acceptance of policies, by putting it all in one place in an easy to use interface.

Policy creators can leverage our included templates, based in a best practice risk based approach, to create a foundation for your policies. Your Administrators can easily create groups, distribute policies and view acceptances. Users can simply accept policies with no need to create logins or remember passwords. Our Policy Management Software helps you to:

  • Upload policy documents
  • Create users and user groups
  • Distribute policies by user groups or individual users
  • Track acceptance of policies
  • Users can easily accept policies through a 'one-click' email
  • Includes templates that can act as a foundation for your IT policies

You can find out more about our solution by downloading our datasheet.

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