Make better and faster decisions with visibility into your risk and compliance profile.

TraceCSO is the first platform to effectively transform IT GRC management into a unified and easy-to-use business application.


TraceCSO supports sound governance policies and objectives by automating the major functions that drive data security and compliance management. With deep tracking and reporting capabilities across as many as a dozen discrete functions, TraceCSO gives you visibility into all aspects or your organization’s risk and security posture.

  • With a single, integrated and comprehensive software solution, your organization can work as one team for more effective, efficient and proactive information security management.
  • Real-time access and holistic visibility of valuable information allows you to make decisions about your organization’s information security more quickly than your competitors.
  • A robust ticketing system distributes work across the organization and allows the accountability and oversight necessary for the implementation and adherence to processes, policies and training.
  • TraceCSO’s user interface is easy-to-use with dynamic dashboards and reports that allow you to create everything from routine reports to sophisticated board reports – all in real-time and customized to your unique needs.
  • TraceCSO was built to simplify IT GRC management. Information security expertise is built directly into the TraceCSO platform. To eliminate guesswork and reduce the need for internal security specialists, a combination of wizards, step-by-step guides, built-in best practices and helpful hints are included on almost every screen.


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