Proactively identify, analyze and remediate risk for a more strategic information security program.

TraceCSO gives you enterprise-class IT risk and security management – regardless of your organization’s size.


Automate and integrate your risk assessment, vulnerability management, policies, training, vendor assessments and more with TraceCSO, a single unified platform that allows you to gain unprecedented visibility into risk and security issues across the organization and create a comprehensive, risk-based strategy and IT GRC program.

  • TraceCSO integrates the Unified Compliance Framework, a global database of controls and regulations.
  • Risk and security expertise is built directly into TraceCSO – eliminating guesswork through a combination of wizards, step-by-step guides and helpful hints on every screen.
  • Quickly complete your risk assessment by leveraging the NIST framework and then access your remediation action plan.
  • An integrated ticketing system generates, tracks and distributes all of your IT policies, procedures, guidelines, checklists and compliance standards.


Download the TraceCSO for Risk and Security Managers Datasheet or learn more about TraceCSO.


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