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It’s 2020 and cyber crime is growing exponentially. An incident could mean the permanent end of your local health clinic or millions of dollars in fines for large organizations. Either way, the risks are high and the consequences are real.

We provide simple, easy to understand solutions to reduce your risk and
ensure the continuity of your business when you experience an attack.



As advancements in technology continue to strengthen healthcare
and increase our quality of life, it also exposes healthcare organizations to more risks in securing patient health information.

Our healthcare services are designed to remove the friction in satisfying regul-atory requirements so your teams can
focus maximum efforts on the patients you serve.

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IT infrastructure on university campuses is complex and expansive. Couple that with that natural curiosity of today’s
youth, a bring-your-own-device enviro-nment, and turn-over of university owned devices and you have a mons-trous cybersecurity challenge.

Leverage TraceSecurity’s assessment and testing services to maintain confidence in your information security practice and proactively mitigate risks through social engineering and security awareness programs.

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Other Services

From Agriculture, to transportation and every industry between, TraceSecurity provides solutions that ensure mean-ingful returns on your security and compliance investments.

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The first part of the assessment identifies the different
exposures of the organization using the Exposure Index.

The Exposure Index evaluates the different avenues in
which an organization is potentially exposed to IT attacks
through collection of company metadata and a survey
of the types of technologies available within and offered
by the company.


The second part of the assessment, known as the Maturity Assessment,
is used to determine the organization's cybersecurity preparedness
levels within each of the NIST Core Framework's “Functions” by analyzing the extent to which the organization has implemented each of the NIST Core Framework's “Sub-categories” for cybersecurity readiness.

Maturity levels are determined for each of the five major Functions
based on the answers provided during the assessment.


The summary includes TraceSecurity recommendations to strengthen your organization’s cybersecurity posture based on the results of the self assessment. Once the assesment is complete, you can easily export your results to common file formats or upload in our Risk Management tool for easy management of remediaton actions you choose to pursue.

*The Risk Management tool is a paid feature and not included with TraceCSAT.

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