TraceCSO simplifies information security and compliance management

Our TraceCSO software is the GRC platform for compiliance and cybersecurity solutions. While our services are the perfect way to ensure cybersecurity and compliance via 3rd party review on a yearly bases, they are also the perfect launching point to begin using TraceCSO software. With a series of modules that work together to ensure you have a full picture of your cybersecurity environment, TraceCSO can take care of Risk Management, Vulnerability Management, Training Management and more! The modules below work together to give you a complete GRC solution, if you are looking for a single module, take a look at some of our other offerings.

The cloud solution for risk-based information security

  • The market’s only cloud-based platform that delivers a complete and effective IT GRC capability
  • Automates any, or all, of the eight primary IT GRC management functions
  • Suitable for companies of any size and easily scales to accommodate growth
  • Requires no dedicated security or compliance expertise
  • Makes you compliant by default

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Risk management was built to be the foundation that helps you to manage risk proactively and in context of your day-to-day information security program. It is the catalyst to identify your assets, threats and controls, and then mitigate and manage risk with the right controls.

Simplify the risk assessment process. TraceCSO leverages the NIST 800-30 methodology of tiers and inheritance modeling – allowing you to see the relationship between assets and reduce the redundant effort typically required to properly document an IT environment.

Streamline the risk assessment process. Quickly customize a common set of assets, threats and controls to your organization’s unique environment, and leverage TraceCSO’s integrated ticketing system to assign, survey and track success to the control objective and regulatory requirements.

Risk Management Capabilities

  • Repository of assets, threats and pre-mapped controls
  • Assign controls based on role
  • Remediation Action Plan, implementation workflow and ticketing
  • Dashboards and reports with drill-down and filter capabilities
  • Integrates with every functional area of the software and updates automatically


An agent-less software scanner is built-in and included with your TraceCSO subscription giving you unlimited scan capabilities.

A built-in wizard walks you through setup, allows you to search active scans or build a repository of assets. Configuration scans are designed to gather data for compliance and reporting, and TraceCSO is powered by a global database of regulations and citations, allowing your scan results to automatically parse and correlate the organization’s compliance data with controls.

If you have an existing scanner, you can integrate results into TraceCSO and leverage the power of its seamless workflow, ticketing, alerting, reporting and governance capabilities.

TraceCSO also integrates with third-party scanners, such as Nessus or Rapid7, through a simple scanner connect install. You can also import Qualys scans through an API. Any way you choose will allow you to manage your scans directly within the TraceCSO interface. 



Create, upload, approve, disseminate and track your IT security policies.

TraceCSO allows you to create best practice information security policies that are leveraged throughout the software to support all aspects of your IT security program.

Creating a robust set of policies can be challenging and time consuming. Leverage TraceCSO to:
  • Generate policies based on your unique risk profile, compliance requirements or best practice needs
  • Upload existing materials, policies, procedures, guidelines, checklists and standards
  • Map policies to your organization’s controls for automated tracking of sign-off threshold and proper implementation
  • Verify policy understanding across the organization through custom testing and tracking through the software
  • Automatically distribute and assign policies to individuals for tracking, confirmed viewing, testing and sign-off
  • Map your organization’s policies to your compliance regulations and security frameworks

TraceCSO also integrates with the Information Shield Common Policy Library (CPL), a comprehensive library of 2,000+ information security and data privacy policies. The CPL translates high-level objectives and vague information security requirements into specific controls that can be implemented and audited. Download the Information Shield Integration Datasheet. 


Identify, analyze and mitigate risk presented by your third-party vendor relationships.

TraceCSO allows you to understand how third-party vendors alter your organization’s risk profile and account for their risk within the context of your information security and compliance program.

Integrating vendors into your business operations allows you to gain efficiencies and improve strategic flexibility. In doing so, they also introduce risk to your environment. TraceCSO’s vendor management capabilities guide you to effectively evaluate vendors based on the risk they represent to your organization. 

Leverage TraceCSO’s best-practice workflows to:

  • Gain the visibility to identify vendors that represent the greatest risk
  • Automate what is now a manual and inconsistent process within your organization
  • Assign and track all vendor management activities within the TraceCSO software – eliminating the need to collect and manage communications and document collection in email



Expect a breach and be prepared to respond with an incident response plan.

TraceCSO equips your organization to protect and recover from a cybersecurity breach.

Integrate your written policies and procedures into TraceCSO’s best practice workflow, forms and testing capabilities and prove your organization has the capacity to recover in the event that a cyber-breach should occur. Define your procedures, test them and train employees, inside and outside of IT. Track and report on the details of your information security incidents, including what was affected, incident categorization, severity of disruption, date and time of detection, declaration of disclosure and resolution.


Align employee training initiatives to your IT controls and streamline the tracking of course completion.

TraceCSO’s built-in learning management tool integrates training with your organization’s controls and allows you to track and confirm employees have completed their required training.

  • Upload your existing training content or link to content from a third-party source
  • Content available within TraceCSO is templated and ready-to-use
  • Create custom tests to ensure users not only sign off but also understand the information presented
  • Set a global number of approvers, alert notifications and reminders
  • Assign training by user or department
  • Leverage Active Directory to seamlessly manage existing employee training or to bring new employees up-to-speed quickly
  • To assist with attestation during the risk assessment or audit, training courses can be associated with defined controls



Streamline and automate your audit process with a single management tool for preparation, attestation and external reporting.

TraceCSO makes IT security audits simple and automated so you can be audit-ready!

  • Streamline the verification of your IT security controls – attesting just once to multiple compliance requirements. Become empowered to more easily manage all major types of IT audits
  • Audit data becomes more available – and valuable – to other risk and compliance stakeholders, as well as to your senior management
  • TraceCSO’s integrated ticketing system allows you to generate, track and distribute all of your IT and internal audit activities that relate to preparation, attestation and external reporting. Ensure your gaps are filled through remediation
  • Leverages surveys that integrate data collection to asset risks
  • Audit results automatically update control status in your risk assessment – providing real-time risk score updates and notification to control owners



Dramatically reduce the time and cost associated with your compliance reporting.

TraceCSO makes compliance both thorough and automatic – delivering compliance by default.

TraceCSO integrates the Unified Compliance Framework (UCF), a global database of controls and regulations, to provide up-to-date information about all major regulatory requirements and to harmonize security controls to your organization’s requirements.

  • Identify and track regulatory changes for more than 700 rules, regulations and best practices from PCI, ISO 27001, HIPAA, FFIEC and many more.
  • Integrated ticketing allows you to generate, track and distribute all of your compliance activities and surveys across your organization.
  • With TraceCSO, you won’t have to chase individual regulatory requirements. Because TraceCSO captures compliance data during the routine management of your information security program, the majority of your compliance questions are answered automatically, streamlining the compliance review process and leading your organization to compliance by default.
  • Your compliance regulations are tied to controls and span multiple regulations and guidelines. With the proper risk assessment and audit procedures completed in TraceCSO, the review process is substantially more manageable.
  • Compliance reviews are always evolving and integrated with the rest of TraceCSO. Updates are real-time and are automatically reflected within the risk and audit areas of the software.




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