Create, upload, approve, disseminate and track your IT security policies.

TraceCSO allows you to create best practice information security policies that are leveraged throughout the software to support all aspects of your IT security program.
Creating a robust set of policies can be challenging and time consuming. Leverage TraceCSO to:
  • Generate policies based on your unique risk profile, compliance requirements or best practice needs
  • Upload existing materials, policies, procedures, guidelines, checklists and standards
  • Map policies to your organization’s controls for automated tracking of sign-off threshold and proper implementation
  • Verify policy understanding across the organization through custom testing and tracking through the software
  • Automatically distribute and assign policies to individuals for tracking, confirmed viewing, testing and sign-off
  • Map your organization’s policies to your compliance regulations and security frameworks

TraceCSO also integrates with the Information Shield Common Policy Library (CPL), a comprehensive library of 2,000+ information security and data privacy policies. The CPL translates high-level objectives and vague information security requirements into specific controls that can be implemented and audited. Download the Information Shield Integration Datasheet. 

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