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Don't get Hooked by Phishing Attempts

Employees can sometimes be the weakest link in an organization's IT security strategy. How can an IT security manager ensure that their employees aren't clicking malicious e-mails? Upgrade your phishing software and keep malicious e-mails 'top-of-mind' throughout your organization.

Testing the Waters

Tracesecurity has had over a decade of experience in the phishing world, and has tested and worked with many different phishing providers. We decided to do the heavy lifting for you when researching a phishing platform. Our phishing tool had to be easy to use, but also flexible enough to conform to our own social engineering engagements. We also wanted our solution to be supported by true cybersecurity experts, all important items when choosing a platform.

The Solution

TracePhishing is a comprehensive phishing program that allows you to test your organization against simulated phishing attacks. We've partnered with Jim Stickley to ensure that these phishing templates are state of the art and current to what is actually happening. Our tool is also backed by Trace Experts and unlimited support during business hours.

Feel Confident

Using our TracePhishing platform will provide you with the confidence that you are doing everything at your disposal to test and educate your employees around the issues of phishing.

Phishing scams come in various types. Some of them can be spotted very easily, while others have intimate knowledge of your organization and can be tricky. The idea around simulation and training is to stay on top of what the latest trends are and ensure that email policies are being enforced. Use our combination of phishing and education to help keep your organization 'phishing free'.

A Comprehensive Phishing Tool

Here are a few benefits that you get with TracePhishing.

  • Simulated Phishing Emails

    Simulated Phishing Emails

    Our tool allows you to send unlimited simulated phishing emails to your organization.

  • Customized Email Templates

    Customized Email Templates

    TracePhishing comes with several up-to-date phishing templates in many different difficulty levels. We also give you the ability to customize those templates or create your own to suit your organization's needs.

  • Distribution Scheduling

    Distribution Scheduling

    Schedule your e-mails to go out at random times during any interval that you want. Schedule new tests quarterly or monthly to keep phishing top-of-mind.

  • Customized Groups

    Customized Groups

    Segment your organization into customer distribution groups, and get reports on how each group is doing.

  • Robust Reporting

    Robust Reporting

    TracePhishing has built in reporting that you can customize to suite your organization. This includes trend reporting.

  • Unlimited Support

    Unlimited Support

    Our dedicated support team is here from 8-5 every day to offer unlimited support for any issue you might have.

  • Expert Recommendations

    Expert Recommendations

    Get best practice recommendations from our experts as we are consistently adding new templates and phishing approaches to the tool.

  • TraceEDU Included

    TraceEDU Included

    Get TraceEDU included with Phishing. These EDU courses are specifically tailored to help train someone right after they failed a phishing test, and can be assigned per email.

  • Customizable Landing Pages

    Customizable Landing Pages

    Whether you want to use it to notify and give quick tips on the phishing fail, or if you want to remove the landing page all together - the options are there to customize the page as you see fit.

Our Customer Commitment

At TraceSecurity, we treat our customers like people, not numbers. That's why when you call our office you talk to an actual human being, all of our solutions come with unlimited support, and there's no extra charge for 'priority support'. Every customer is a priority at TraceSecurity.

About Trace


Add to TracePhishing for a holistic security awareness program.

  • Custom Cybersecurity Training

    Custom Cybersecurity Training

    Leverage our expertise to get insights that can truly impact your organization with custom training from one of our experts. We will work with you to identify great training topics for your organization. Once identified, we will travel and give your organization a training session at a location of your choosing.

  • Quarterly Managed Testing

    Quarterly Managed Testing

    Need someone to manage your phishing engagements for you? Don't have time to schedule and report on phishing for your organization? Let us manage the testing for you. With our managed testing, you get quarterly e-mails across your organization, up to date phishing templates, and an analyst that will ensure the quality of the test. Once complete, you'll receive a quarterly, written, polished report from a trace expert.

  • TraceEDU Premium

    TraceEDU Premium

    Our TraceEDU Premium contains access to our full educational program with courses to keep your organization aware of common cybersecurity issues and practices.

  • Vishing


    Our 'Vishing' or voice phishing service is a great way to add a new dimension to your Security Awareness program. Would an employee give away sensitive information over the phone?

  • TraceAdvisor


    By utilizing TraceAdvisor, our cybersecurity content platform, you can keep your customers up to date on the latest threats.

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Want to know more about Phishing? Here you'll find all of the phishing basics, along with resources like phishing email examples, and tips on recognizing and avoiding phishing scams.

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