January 12, 2022

Contact: Brent Williams, Vice President of Sales

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Baton Rouge, LA – TraceSecurity, LLC, a leading provider of cybersecurity and compliance solutions, has launched a new Red Team Testing service, designed to emulate a real-world attack on organizations. By combining reconnaissance, penetration testing, and social engineering into a cohesive service, each piece builds upon the last to provide the most realistic cybersecurity assessment available.

Hacking efforts are becoming more and more organized through hacker groups and state-sponsored pursuits, presenting a need for more thorough cybersecurity testing of organizations as a whole. Traditional penetration testing provides a snapshot of malicious behavior on the tested networks. Red Team Testing is a full adversarial simulation that provides a more cohesive picture of an organization’s entire cybersecurity infrastructure.

“Our customers often ask how they would hold up against a real-world attack,” said Randy Messina, Vice President of Customer Success. “We developed our Red Team Testing service to demonstrate the effectiveness of their security program when matched against a motivated threat actor.”

TraceSecurity will be hosting a Red Team Testing webinar on Thursday, February 16, to discuss more details about the service. You can register for the webinar at

TraceSecurity has been performing cybersecurity and compliance services for over 18 years and has over 40 Information Security Analysts with certifications including CISSP, CISA, CEH, SSCP, and more.

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TraceSecurity, LLC, is a leading provider of cybersecurity and IT compliance solutions. Founded in 2004, TraceSecurity has served over 3,000 organizations across the United States. TraceSecurity offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that allow organizations to manage their information security program including IT security audits, risk assessments, social engineering, penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, security training, and more.