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As the leading pioneer in cloud-based security solutions, TraceSecurity provides risk management and compliance solutions for organizations that need to protect critical data or meet IT security mandates. With a unique combination of people, processes and technology, we give decision makers a holistic view of their security posture and enable them to achieve effective data protection and automatic compliance. By streamlining and assuring effective IT GRC management in this way, we dramatically reduce the complexities of ever-changing threats and technology – and empower organizations to better pursue their strategic objectives.



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TraceSecurity at RSA 2014: A Simplified Approach to IT GRC

At the RSA Conference 2014, Josh Stone explains how TraceCSO is a simplified approach to an information security program. He emphasizes the quick implementation time and discusses what sets TraceCSO apart from its competitors. He also highlights the value of having an on-going, effective risk-based strategy like TraceCSO.

Information Security Risk Assessment: How TraceCSO Works

http://blog.tracesecurity.com/ TraceSecurity discusses the importance of companies protecting their confidential information from the ever increasing threats of being hacked. TraceSecurity's TraceCSO was developed to provide organizations the visibility into accountability of their risk assessment and performance profile, making it simple to manage a secure environment, that protects confidential information, and meets regulatory requirements. TraceCSO helps organizations perform a comprehensive information security risk assessment that enables your organization to best understand the threats that are specific to your data. Once those threats been identified, your organization can determine how to best mitigate them through the implementation of controls. TraceCSO completes most of the work for you by pre-mapping common threats to standard controls, providing a baseline customized to your organization's environment. TraceCSO helps make decisions easier by identifying in effective or unnecessary controls and recommending more effective replacements, ultimately leading the organization to make better risk- based decisions and optimize an information security budget. http://www.facebook.com/pages/TraceSecurity-Inc/174611622550347?ref=hl https://twitter.com/TraceSecurity http://www.linkedin.com/company/53732?trk=tyah