Vulnerability Management Built for the Real World

Typical vulnerability scanners output thousands of results, leaving you to sort, categorize, and remediate by hand. TraceSecurity knows that an effective vulnerability management program is about more than just scanning. Between our TraceCSO Vulnerability Management module and our flagship TraceInsight Vulnerability Manager, TraceSecurity offers multiple avenues toward true vulnerability management, giving you the power to search, filter, and categorize vulnerabilities. Then you can assign tasks out to your team and watch as network vulnerabilities decrease.

Transform Vulnerability Scanning into a Management Program

With our Vulnerability Management software, you have the option to use authenticated or unauthenticated scanning. Using either, you can sort, search and filter your results to prioritize what’s important, and our vulnerability library includes dozens of references to source information for you. You can also use our platform to assign vulnerabilities to your team and track their remediation progress, then understand which have been fixed, which haven’t, and why.

The Vulnerability Management platform provides reports that show both your team's remediation efforts and your action plan after each vulnerability scan. The result: proof that you have a true vulnerability management plan in place.

TraceCSO vs. TraceInsight

  • TraceCSO Scanning

    TraceCSO Scanning

    Using TraceCSO, the OpenVAS scanner engine is a breeze to set up. You have the ability to run internal and external scans on your own, showing progress as you remediate vulnerabilities. You can also produce a variety of executive and detailed reports to illustrate your efforts to your stakeholders.

  • TraceInsight Scanning

    TraceInsight Scanning

    Using TraceInsight, the Qualys scanner engine (and its prodigious signature library) is backed by the quality and expertise of our partner, Qualys, Inc. The configuration is a bit more complicated to set up, but greatly reduces false positives and gives detailed threat/impact findings on all detected vulnerabilities. You have full capabilities to run internal and external scans on your own, and export your results in CSV or PDF format.

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