17 Years Helping Banks Meet Compliance

  • Founded in 2004

    Founded in 2004

    We started out helping banks respond to GLBA compliance requirements

  • Specialized Offerings

    Specialized Offerings

    Our services help banks meet FFIEC, FDIC, FRB, and OCC compliance

  • 700+ Bank Customers

    700+ Bank Customers

    We've worked with banks, large and small, in all 50 states and beyond

  • 30+ Analysts on Staff

    30+ Analysts on Staff

    Each with years of experience and a variety of professional certifications

  • Approved Reports

    Approved Reports

    We've delivered over 30,000 examiner approved reports to our customers

  • Chris Gondran | Director of Information Security

    "We get the IPT, EPT, and IT Audit as a part of our regulatory requirements, but we also use them as more than that. It’s a value to us not just because our examiners require it, but because it helps us find things we wouldn’t have found on our own."

  • Mark Hausauer | Senior Vice President

    “The best part about working with Trace is how closely their analysts work with our IT team. Whether it’s a CSAT review or communication during scanning, they’re really good about reaching out and making sure things go smoothly.”

  • Victor Ramensky | VP, Information Security Officer

    “We want everything on our network to be as locked down as possible. Any new device gets scanned by Trace's scanner before it is added to the network, taking care of any vulnerabilities up front. This is invaluable to us."

We've Worked with Banks in All 50 States

Ask us about the banks we've worked with in your state! We're happy to provide references and sample reports of services performed for other banks of your size.

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