The Phishing Awareness Platform

Don't get Hooked by Phishing Attempts

Employees can sometimes be the weakest link in an organization's IT security strategy. How can an IT security manager ensure that their employees aren't clicking links in malicious e-mails? Upgrade your phishing software and keep malicious e-mails 'top-of-mind' throughout your organization.

Testing the Waters

TraceSecurity has developed over a decade of experience in the phishing world, testing out and working with many different phishing providers. We decided to do the heavy lifting for you when researching a phishing platform. Our phishing tool had to be easy to use, but also flexible enough to conform to our own social engineering engagements. We also wanted our solution to be supported by true cybersecurity experts, all important items when choosing a platform.

The Solution

TracePhishing is a comprehensive phishing program that allows you to test your organization against simulated phishing attacks. We've developed our own software in-house to ensure that these phishing templates are state of the art and current to what is actually happening. Our tool is also backed by Trace Experts and unlimited support during business hours.

Phishing 101

Want to know more about Phishing? Here you'll find all of the phishing basics, along with resources like phishing email examples, and tips on recognizing and avoiding phishing scams.

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