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Threats to IT security are constantly evolving, meaning there are always new compliance regulations you're required to follow year after year. We've been working with credit unions for over a decade, so we've been through all of these changes with you. Our tools have been adapted to best fit the financial space and make sure your organization is secure and compliant. You get audited every year, and we can help make sure you are following the most current compliance guidelines while making your auditors happy. With each engagement, you can expect:

  • Credit Union Grade Cybersecurity Solutions

    Credit Union Grade Cybersecurity Solutions

    We have software and services specifically tailored to meet the compliance needs of credit unions of all sizes.

  • Credit Union Expertise

    Credit Union Expertise

    With over 1,000 credit unions customers, we are true experts at providing IT solutions.

  • Years of Experience with FFIEC Regulations

    Years of Experience with FFIEC Regulations

    We've been providing cybersecurity for the financial industry for over a decade.

  • Impartial Assessment

    Impartial Assessment

    You will receive an unbiased assessment of your IT security controls so you can truly know where you stand.

  • Flexible Reporting

    Flexible Reporting

    There are different types of reporting available to you to satisfy the needs of various executives and auditors.

  • Audit Approved Reports

    Audit Approved Reports

    We've delivered over 20,000 successful reports, making sure auditors are happy with the results.

CUNA Strategic Services

TraceSecurity is CUNA's exclusive Alliance Provider for security risk assessments, IT risk assessments and IT audits. We attend and speak at several CUNA conferences every year including the Cybersecurity Conference, America's Credit Union Conference, and Bank Secrecy Act Certification Conference. At conferences, we gather feedback from our customers and partners to continue serving the credit union industry to the best of our ability.

TraceSecurity’s cybersecurity expertise and years of experience in the space truly sets them apart from other providers. We recommend Trace to our members for services like penetration testing, risk assessments, social engineering and IT security audits.

President, CUNA Strategic Services
Eric Gelly President, CUNA Strategic Services

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We love being a part of the credit union community, and are constantly looking for ways to help credit unions be more secure. From exhibiting at events, to networking with credit union executives, to speaking across the country, our goal is simple: to make credit union IT more secure through awareness. If you are looking for cybersecurity resources, or for someone to speak at your credit union or event get in touch.

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