Phishing 101

Get the full scoop on Phishing

What is Phishing?

The Basics

Phishing utilizes the art of deception. It is where an individual sends e-mails that seem to be from a legitimate source, like an order notification or bank deposit, but is actually from someone attempting to gather sensitive information from you, things like passwords, bank account information or medical records. In most instances these are bulk e-mail blasts, targeting a wide variety of individuals in the hope that a few will bite.

What Are They Looking For?

The end goal for most that are sending phishing e-mails is the collection of information such as bank accounts, usernames/passwords and even medical or identity information. For some of this information, its easy to see how a hacker might use the info, like a bank account. Unfortunately, other information can be just as valuable when sold on the dark web: things like social security numbers, medical records, and passwords to various services like Netflix or Spotify.

Common Phishing Techniques

Tips on Avoiding a Phishing Fail

We have put together our S.T.E.P. program so that you can take the first step in preventing phishing attacks for you and your organization.

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